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I Like Fish!
I'm A Star and You're A Loser!
Ok, Put In Two More and I'll Marry You
The Human Race
Intravenous Deodorant
Well, I Really Don't Care What You Think
A Victim of Time
Wow! You're Just As Unexceptional As I Am
Cartoons Should Engage The Viewer
Cartoons Should Have A Depressing Theme
Cartoons Should Make The Viewer Uncomfortable
Cartoons Should be All About Sex
It's All Been Done! Yup! Just Give Up Now...
I Don't Have Time To Develop As A Person!
Oops! Just Ligaments Meat Snacks
Suzy's Shit didn't Stink
Bob and Elsie Think About Other People They Could be Dating
Bad Pickup Line 7087c
In Person Consumer Training
Zoo Rebellion
Whoa You Do Have A Long Tongue
Nostrils Are the Window to the Soul
Two Nihilists Find Each Other
Wow! Sex Solved All My Problems!
Who Needs Freedom When You Have Money?
I Didn't Know What It Meant So I Ignored It
Don't Worry, We Won't Screw With You As Much As Other Companies Do
Everything's Better With Mayo
Family Restaurant
My Success Depends Upon Your Failure
What's The Point If I'm Not Famous And Worshipped?
My Dog Is Not Racist!
Bad Pickup Line #5781
You Can't Find Me!
Cool! A Random Particle!
I'm Sure I Could Eat My Own Head If I Put My Mind To It
Good Consumer
Crisis Of The Buddhist Duck
You Won't Even Try To Understand This, Will You?
It's Art!! I've Decided!!!!
What Your Family Looks Like To The Insane
When I Sing No One Gives Me Money
The Golden Hamster Of Antioch
'Doth My Hamster Please The Queen?
If I Don't Buy This Now I'll Surely Regret It
I Don't Like Kids These Days With all Their Ideas and Stuff
Bob's Triumph
Now You Stop It With Those Mental Images!
Please Do Not Feed the Paramecium
It's Not As Irrelevant As It Sounds
If I Could Talk To Those Animals
Fetch Squibby Fetch!
The Museum Of Sock Puppets
Fred Liked Filling People With A Sense Of Dread
Theology Vs. Philosophy
Baby's First Word Was Not Very Encouraging
The Controversial New Bestseller
The Recliner Of Death
Hey! You Said You Weren't Going To Pack The Kids!
Ever Worry About Something Until It Happens
I Feel Strangely Insignificant
Miss Plummeting America
We Gave Him Negative Growth Hormones
I'm Not Destined For Greatness! Just Ask Anybody!
Bill's Introspective Mood
Participatory Democracy In Action
If I Concentrate Really Hard Maybe I'll Become Someone More Interesting
Perverted Dots
Economists Saving The World
Death's Cookies
Obscene Words of Other Planets
The Town Where Nothing Happened
Talking To Kids About Sex
I Certainly Have More Appeal Than You!
The End of The World
Modern Art Critic
Wow! This Is The Best Sinkhole EVER!
I Have A Right To Be Misanthropic! Dammit!
Arguing With A Young Socialist
Augh! Microorganisms!!
Sam Exercises His Free Will
...And My Subconscious is Right... About... Here
The Interspecies Marriage Shocked The Community
Revenge Of The Pork Cutlets
Like I Really Care About You!
Deer Have Overrun the Mall!
Little Cynical People
Now This Moment is Gone!!!
Which One of You Ladies Wants To Shave My Chest
Liberty's Senior Prom
I'm Nicer Than You! No You're Not!
I Touched His Psyche
Damn Striped Blobs! Damn Spotted Blobs!
Hey! Over Here! Ant Fight!
Terry Tact In Divorce Court
Sorry To Bother You, But I Just Gotta Audit Something
God's Brother
You've Been So Cold This Evening
Please Accept This Damp Cloth As A Token of Our Appreciation
The Social Contract
Rubber Skunk
Who Put the Hamsters in My Hose!?!?
Lobster Chow
Hanging Out With Slugs
When Duckies Ruled The World
A Brilliant Marketing Strategy
Bob trying to destroy the tiny universe beneath his fingernail
A Very Polite Fly
Will Work For Assholes
Bob Searches For His Brain
Scapegoat Department
Charard Navel Spray
Betty's Dress Of Cream Corn
You Sure Are Worthless
Reliquary Hamster
Proud Parent Of A Screwed Up Kid
Rebellious Beaver
More Than Anything, Bill Wanted To Be A Coat
Professor Sampson
Advertising Really Is Art
Everybody's Doin' It!
Impatient Dennis
Pyromaniacs for A Saner World
Economics 101
I Met Someone Else, Someone Who Doesn't Eat People
Ah! True Love!
A Troubled Consumer
Inert Object Playset
Bob the Food Rustler
The Essence of Motherhood
Cat Skin Flicks
Possessed Children Perform Less Well On Standardized Tests
Jim's Ethical Training Pays Off
Praying Mantis Infidelity
Aluminum Cans Believe in Reincarnation
Social Deviant
Paper Cut Fiend
The Chippendale Squirrels
Ernie Counts His Heads
These Ants Are Indifferent To Your Existence
Rodent Talk
The Many Handed Headless Body
Big Tongue

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