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About Get Milked

Everyone has a website. At least, everyone seems to. So, I thought, why not play the sycophantic conformist and join the rabble? It made sense at the time. Anyway, here it is, full of stuff about the mess we're all in. At least it successfully made the transition from concept to thing. Expectations were low, because extracting amorphous ideas from craniums and giving them a tangible Frankensteinian existence demands patience and a degree of insanity. Many of us know this. So For a long time it squandered and rotted in the land of the potential. Now it squanders and rots in the world of the actual. How far it's come...

Anyway, if you want to send Get Milked a message for any reason, use the following link:

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And, just to make it somewhat worth your time for clicking on "About," below is a work by the somewhat obscure artist Art Rabbit entitled "Self-Portrait With Orange."

Art Rabbit Self Portrait With Orange

Click around, look at stuff. Let us know what you think. Thanks for stopping by.

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